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Applied Behavioral Analytic services to children in homes, schools, and communities across the US.



"If there’s one thing Jessica Swanson of Huntsville would like people to know in consideration of this month’s Autism Awareness and Appreciation Month, it’s that all individuals, including those with autism, are unique."

Read Redstone Rocket's spotlight on our very own Jessica and Isla.

Photo by: Erin Elise Enyinda
Article by: Rebecca Sallee

Tuesday T.I.P

Teach. Implement. Practice.

Grab our TIPs and put them in to practice. Remembering that everything takes time, once we implement these techniques, our peaks and valleys become much easier to navigate.


Visit our Locations & Resources Page for events near you.

We break down month to month happenings at and around each of our locations. We also share what we feel are some must have resources like ECHO coordinators and Autism support groups.

The Gold Standard in ABA Therapy

Summit Health Services INC

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) focus on principles that affect behaviors with changes to the environment. 

ABA therapy uses evidence based practices and research combined with comprehensive assessments of your child to develop individualized behavior programs. Specific goals are developed based on the needs of your child to work on a variety of needs such as: social skills, communication, academics, behavior, toileting, eating, and other specific behavioral needs.

Proudly serving families with direct 1:1 ABA therapy since 2019 across the United States. 

Curious if we have services in your area? We currently serve over one dozen locations. Reach out today to see how we can best provide you with ABA therapy. 

Get To Know Us

Our Foundations

Summit Health Services was founded by Jessica Swanson in 2019.  Jessica’s goals were to create an ABA practice that met the standards she wanted for her non-verbal daughter with autism, and a place where she would love to practice as a BCBA.
Combining Jessica’s experience as a mother and practitioner, SHS was born implementing evidence-based practices of ABA and the standards of care she wants for her own child. Jessica handpicks all staff to ensure the standards are always met.  Since Jessica is also a military spouse, locations are based on where we can serve the most military kids and get them off of lengthy wait lists.  
We have a “small company” mentality where a mother and BCBA is at the helm.  We do not answer to big investors as SHS is 100% owned by Jessica with no plans to ever sell to larger national companies.



Welcome to your Summit Health Services New Client Experience!

There's much to do and fill out during intake and at times it can feel overwhelming. Don't worry! We will be with you every step of the way.

If you have any questions, please reach out at any time. Here is a bit of what the intake process can look like.

Ready to get started? Use the link below!

Client Intake and Onboarding

We will begin by a bit of a "Getting To Know YOU" process which includes our Client Intake Form. We will provide a Verification of Benefits through your insurance and walk you through some in-house assessments. 

FBA by Clinical Team

Once we have cleared the red tape, we will begin your FBA with your clinical team. This gives us and you the optimum opportunity to talk through behaviors and see your clinical team at work in assessing your loved ones ABA needs. 

On-going Insurance Auth Received

After we receive the approved FBA back from insurance, we will travel to the "On-going Authorization" phase where you are set to receive services uninterrupted until the next re-authorization phase. 



"Everyone on the SHS admin team are just the nicest"

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SHS Caregiver

"I cannot say enough good things about Liz and Kayla and how they have changed our lives and the way our family has been able to function."

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SHS Caregiver

"We have been on waitlists for months. I felt like I finally had a light at the end of the tunnel when I found SHS."

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SHS Caregiver
SHS Logo 2023
A New Look

Refreshed and Rebranded

We decided to regroup and re-root. We wanted to lean in to our name and the common journey through ABA that is peaks and valleys, successes and step backs. 

We are embracing the challenge. We are one team working together to reach the Summit. 

Are you ready to work toward yours?